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A Little Bit Of History...

The house was built in 1869 by architect Lucas Pfeiffenberger, and has changed hands several times since its original owner, Henry Guest McPike. It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The McPike family owned 15 acres of land, then known as Mount Lookout Park. Here McPike, a horticulturist, perfected his McPike Grape. The family lived in this, their country home, until 1936. The building has since been home to Browns Business College and was later owned by Paul Laichinger, who rented rooms in the house to other occupants. Paul's ghost now seems to be the primary spirit that haunts this Mansion, but there are several many other entities that still reside in the grand old house. Several children, ladies, and many others still roam the halls.

Unfortunately, recent years have not been kind to the mansion. It has not been occupied since the 1950's. Since that time, weather and vandals have caused extensive damage to the building. The house once featured 11 marble fireplaces and beautifully carved stairway banisters, all of which were stolen during its abandonment. Inside walls are spray painted and windows are shattered. The house is now in desperate need of repair.

The current owners of the house have been successful at stabilizing much of the structure. Thanks to Sara Horton for this information

McPike Mansion

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